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Kashus Culpepper, tell us Who Hurt You, but After Me.

Deep from the heart of Alabama, there’s a soulful Navy veteran whose music speaks volumes about his life’s struggles. With each heartfelt lyric, he pours out his experiences with an authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners.

Kashus Culpepper’s journey from social media to center stage at the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte is a testament to the power of his raw talent and emotional storytelling. Months before he even set foot in a recording studio to lay down tracks for his debut album, Culpepper had already captured the hearts of fans across Instagram and TikTok. As he took the stage in Charlotte, the energy was palpable, and what followed was nothing short of magical. Despite these songs only existing on social media, the audience sang along with fervor, connecting intimately with Culpepper’s music and the emotions he poured into every word.

It was a night where the struggles and triumphs of one man’s journey came alive, resonating deeply with all who were fortunate enough to witness it. 

Who Hurt You & After Me

Kash's Hand Written Setlist

Kashus Culpepper Setlist
Neighborhood Theater
Charlotte NC 3-15-24

Follow You To Virgie (Tyler Childers Cover) with Brendan Walter


She keeps

Damn You

Talk to me


More than F

Sleeping together

Broken Wing

Down the l

Sweet Tea

Just The Two Of Us (Bill Withers Cover)

Pour Me

Like I Did

Love Caru

Who Hurt You



After Me

Remaining Spring
Tour Dates

Kashus's Socials

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