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Mayo, Toast NC & Dale Earnhardt Jr.


Well, ain’t that just a hoot? Seems like we got ourselves a case of British ownership mixin’ with good ol’ American traditions as Dale Earnhardt Jr. teams up with Hellmann’s to tinker with the classic grilled cheese sandwich, all just in time for National Grilled Cheese Day on April 12th.

They’re pushin’ for mayo instead of butter on the outside for that perfect toast, leavin’ us wonderin’ if they’ve lost their Southern minds. And would you believe it?

Duke’s Mayo loyalists, bless their hearts, are standin’ firm, shoutin’ out, Duke’s Or DON’T Dale 

Now, with billboards poppin’ up ’round Toast warnin’ of a mayo crackdown, it’s like we’re in the middle of a condiment feud. But fear not, y’all! Earnhardt Jr.’s fixin’ to stir the pot even more with his pop-up event at Food Lion in Mount Airy, where he aims to snatch up mayo from locals and dish out his so-called special grilled cheese twist from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. at the Food Lion at 1136 W Pine St in Mt Airy, NC

But DYK Nascar Lovin’ North Carolinians STRONGLY perfer Dukes?

In a recent our Facebook poll, North Carolinians gave their mayo verdict loud and clear: Duke’s rules with a whopping 91% majority from over 1,600 votes. What makes Duke’s so beloved? Maybe it’s the Southern roots or its simple, down-home recipe. But Duke’s isn’t just mayo; it’s a cherished part of Southern tradition, bringing to mind backyard BBQs and family gatherings.

So next time you’re in North Carolina and reach for mayo, remember Duke’s—more than a preference, it’s a tribute to a Southern classic cherished for generations.

So Dale Jr., let’s not try & reinvent the Grill(ed Cheese Sandwich) & if you Mayo in NC, Dukes Or DON’T!

What propelled Duke’s to such overwhelming triumph? Perhaps it’s the brand’s Southern heritage or its simple, wholesome recipe. But more than just a condiment, Duke’s represents a cherished Southern tradition, evoking memories of backyard barbecues and family gatherings.

So next time you reach for a jar of mayonnaise in North Carolina, remember the tomato slice slide victory of Duke’s. It’s more than just a preference; it’s a declaration of allegiance to a Southern classic beloved by generations.

So we're gonna show up & tell Dale, what the Hellmann!

You know, as the hype builds up in Mount Airy for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s big appearance at that Hellmann’s commercial thing, there’s a crew of us Duke’s Mayonnaise fans gearing up to show our love. I mean, come on, we all know Duke’s is the real deal around here. We ain’t gonna just stand by and let Hellmann’s take all the glory. Nah, we’ll be there, decked out in our Duke’s gear, armed with jars of the good stuff. We’ll make sure everyone knows Duke’s ain’t backing down. Picture it: our banners flying, shouting “Duke’s or DON’T!” loud and proud! #DukesOrDONTDale

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