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Morris Barbecue’s Deconstructed Pig Pickin’

About the most nail on the head Eastern North Carolina BBQ we’ve ever had. 🔨
Besides Ribs, Skins & a Bone Plate (that must be reserved in advance) everything Morris Barbeque offers is pictured here.
The Sauce is just a tart punch of Vinegar & then Red Pepper Flake for some heat.
The best testament we can give is this taste like my Pops & my Uncles stayed up all night cooking it for the Family Reunion while playing Rook & cracking jokes.
Score 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖
Eastern NC BBQ Plate

Pig Pickin’ 🐖

We done went & got our self in a big ole hurry. A rush to hurry up & do nothing.
We’re so busy we pay other people to bring us food that’s made fast, from places run by kings & clowns cutting corners for bottom lines.
We’re in a hurry to get back home so we can stare at the outside world thru a little glass screen.
What we’re missing is the Front Porch Sittin’, the Conversations & most of all, the Pig Pickins’.
For those who’ve never been blessed enough to experience one, the communal act of gathering, cooking & consuming Whole Hog Barbecue is a Pig Pickin’(event).
The Barbecue(noun) itself is the food.
It hit us today while we were eating at Morris Barbecue that they have nailed this experience by individually selling some of the gems from a Pig Pickin’ that are traditionally only available to those who cooked the hog.
Our family, like many others, used to throw a huge Family Reunion every year. My father & uncles were in charge of cooking the pigs & some of my fondest memories are those long nights, playing Rook & cuttin up with the ole timers.
We’d have Pork Ribs, Crispy Skins & all the Trimmings that they wouldn’t mix into the Chopped BBQ for lunch that day.
That’s exactly what Morris Barbecue has captured.
VERY LIMITED & Available ONLY by preorder, they offer Skin Trays, Rib Trays & Bone Trays(those crispy trimmings) that we had at those lunches.
It’s a Deconstructed Pig Pickin’
The best parts, without all the work.

Morris Barbecue

891 Morris BBQ Road

Hookerton, NC 28538

Saturdays ONLY 8am-2pm

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